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Stephanie and Issabella

Two weeks ago, two more children were added to our family. No we did not adopt them without telling anyone, we are sponsoring them through an organization called Compassion.  As you know, or may not, we sponsored a little girl from Oklahoma for awhile.  Well earlier this year we decided to stop.  Last Thanksgiving, we learned from Nate’s dad that the organization we went through had a bad reputation in South America.  Neither of us liked that, but we also didn’t want to stop helping a child because of it either.  So after months of prayer, we just felt it was the right decision to let go of this organization.  However, that did not stop us from wanting to sponsor other children.  While in Atlanta last year, we talked with a representative from Compassion (before we learned the news from Nate’s dad) and gleaned quite a bit of information.  It seems as though God already had a plan in mind.

This summer while on a youth trip to an amusement park, we again saw a Compassion table and stopped to look.  My heart broke, not only for these children, but for the child we had let go.  Since then, Nate and I looked at two organizations, World Vision and Compassion, both with great reputations among other things.  Of course, just like the last time, there is only so much you can learn via the web.  But we both know people who sponsor through both of them which  helped in learning about them.  We went with Compassion, though it is no better than World Vision.  We had looked during the summer, but to be honest, it’s not easy to look at children from impoverished areas and decide which one(s) you want to sponsor, or at least not for me.  For every child chosen, there is one that is not.  So during our date night, Nate thought we should look again.  This time, God showed us who it was to be, and it ended up being two.  My heart chose Issabella, while Nate’s picked Stephanie.  Last week we shared with the boys, and introduced them.  Today it is your turn.

Issabella is 7 years old and lives in Ghana.  Her primary language is English, which was a surprise for us to learn.  She lives with her grandmother and helps her out by running errands and cleaning the house.  She doesn’t attend school because of the community she lives in is pretty poor.  This is the little we know about her.  As we continue to receive correspondence, we will learn more about her.

Stephanie is 8 years old and lives in Togo.  Her primary language is French.  She lives with her parents and helps in the kitchen along with running errands.  She goes to school and has an average performance.  Again, we will learn more as we continue to build a relationship.  We were informed that in can take up to three months for letters to be received, so we are looking at only a couple of times a year to hear from the girls.  As we learn more, we will share with you.

Now if the boys mention Issabella or Stephanie, or sisters as Gav calls them,  you will know exactly who they are referring too.

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Here is the interview I had with B.

What is you favorite food?  Pizza

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite toy?   Lego’s

If you had to eat a rotten peach or a slug, which would you choose?  A slug, peaches are bad.

What is the best thing about Washington?  Uhh, I can go to public school finally.  And it’s really pretty too.  It’s got amazing views and we live near Mt. Baker.

What is the worst thing about Washington?  My brother is more annoying, he keeps whining about wanting to move back to Virginia.  And it’s far away from everybody.

 Is there anything you have that is special to you?  Yes.  What?  The airplane we painted with Grandma Wyne that you had to fix.  (It’s ceramic)  Do you remember where we painted that at?  It was in Lancaster

What do yo like to do?  Do homework.  Really?  I like to read, that’s what I always like to do.

What is something you are excited about?  The time we celebrate when Jesus was born is coming up.

If we could have a pet, what would it be and why?  I really don’t know.  I don’t want a dog and we can’t have a cat because I am allergic.  We don’t know that for sure( back story is we stayed at a friend’s house who had cats for a week and after a few days we had itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose), so what would it be?  A kitten because they are cute and cuddly, and soft and adorable.

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?  Hawaii, I long for some warm place.  I really want to go to Hawaii.

Do you like movies?  Yes What movies do you like? I like Lego movies, superhero movies and alien movies.   Do you like any other movies?  Cars and spy movies.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I want to work for the lego company building toys and sets for boys and girls.

How are liking public school?  Good.  I like it a lot.

Are you excited about taking Tae Kwondo?  Yes I am very excited and I can’t wait to start.  I will be starting tomorrow.

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Here is the interview with Gav.  I asked him these questions throughout the week.  My words are in bold print.  As you can see, there were times he was chatty, and times where he wasn’t as much.  Sometimes in the middle of me asking, he would just start singing or rolling around on the floor.  Next week I will post B’s interview.  Get those questions ready and sent to me.  Enjoy!

What is you favorite food?  Strawberries and yogurt

What is your favorite color? Pink

What is your favorite toy? Spiderman suit

If you had to eat a rotten peach or a slug, which would you choose? Oh, I don’t know, that’s gross!  Rotten peaches are gross.

Are you excited for your upcoming birthday? Yes. I am excited about splatting my face into my cake!

What is the best thing about Washington? Picking blackberries and eating them.  I like to do that.

What is the worst thing about Washington? Driving, I don’t like to drive.  But you don’t drive.  I only like to walk.

 Is there anything you have that is special to you? Blanky, Panda, Caterpillary, Beary, Elephanty, Muzzy, Crabby.  I love them all.

Who is the ultimate superhero and why? Ultimate Spiderman.  Why? Because Ultimate Spiderman is ultimate.  Spiderman, Capt. America, and Daredevil.  What if you had to name just one to be the best?  Spiderman because he can shoot webs.

What do yo like to do? Uhh, eat.  That’s all I like to do, just eat.

What is something you are excited about?  I don’t know.  There isn’t anything you are excited about?  No, I just don’t know.

If we could have a pet, what would it be and why?  A kitten!  It would be a yes for a kitten.  I would pet the kitten to death, not hug it. Why would you want a kitten?  It’s so cute and furly (not furry), I mean furry that nobody could suck their fur up.  What would you name it?  Snowball.  I thought you liked Max or Chocolate?  That’s right, Chocolate.  Would the name change with the color of the cat? No.

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?  Illinois.  When we rent our other house will we move there?  No, it doesn’t work like that.   Why do you want to go to Illinois?  Because there is a pet stop there and when I get a kitten I will get kitten food and then I will get a fish.  I will get fishie food and I will feed myself, my kitten and my fishie.  I just like fish, they have tails.

Do you like movies? Yeeesss.  What movies do you like?  I like Hotel Transylvannia because he was burning when he was a bat and when he poofed to a human he was in the air still and his cape was on fire. (speaking of Dracula) Do you like any other movies? Umm yes, it’s a super movie. It’s called The Happy Elf.


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