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Busy, busy, busy

                         Sorry I haven’t posted in over a week.  We’ve been keeping really busy lately.  N has started traveling for his job, so I am pulling extra duty on those days.  It’s nothing I am not used to, but since it’s been awhile, I am not in the swing of things.  He is doing conferences across the country, which he enjoys.  He isn’t a sit down all day kind of guy.  And while we are adjusting to these changes, we have started a bible study in our home and started preparing to home school B again.  Since he has been asking for a few months, we sat down with him and discussed it.  N and I felt like it is the right thing to do for B.  I pulled him out this past Tuesday and we will start Monday with our routine.  B is excited and ready to do this.  Of course, this means I actually have to g0 to the library.  I know, I know….it’s hard to believe we haven’t made it yet.  I have kept meaning to, but going means gathering info so I can get a card.  And anytime I think about heading to the library, I just dread digging around for the info.  No more excuses!  We will be heading there this coming week.

   As the month comes to an end, we have some great news to share.  Gavin has advanced in swimming again.  In Jan. he started at the lowest level.  Feb.  he was in the second level for his age group.  March has him going into the advanced level.  After this, I am not sure where he will be because it moves into another age bracket.  I thought he would have been in the second level a little longer than one month.  I am hoping he stays  in this level for at least a month of two.  Nate and I also talked about maybe putting him in gymnastics and having him break from swimming just a bit.  The problem comes with the times they offer swimming.  It conflicts with B’s Tae Kwondo, and Gavin has to go to another Y for this next level.  And with N traveling, I can’t be in two places at once.  They do offer Sat. classes, so that is an option we are considering as well.  Gav really loves swimming and seems to have a natural ability.  Who knows, maybe we have an Olympic swimmer on our hands.  And B will be testing for his yellow belt in March.  I will let you know when that is for sure.  Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  xoxo

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We are really boring…..

to write about, but not to be around.  I find it hard to capture our lives in just mere words.  There is so much we do and say throughout the week and most of it gets forgotten, only to be remembered later.  I could stop and take notes, but it takes me out of the moment I am living in.  My children are precious to me, and while I don’t always show it, I enjoy them.

B is witty and intelligent.  His imagination has grown since Gavin has come into our lives.  He is quiet about his feelings and pretty easy-going.  His memory amazes me at times because he can remember something from long ago, but not what I told him to do 5 minutes ago.  I think it’s a kid thing.  The growth I see in him puts me in awe sometimes.  For instance, yesterday a lady from church came over with her sons to do lunch.  B knew one of the boys and they really hit it off.  This boy stayed over and played for several hours.  During that time, I was privy to their conversations.  They were talking about books and the other ‘getting to know you’ conversations when B threw in there a statement about Scripture they were talking about at church one minute, and talking movies the next.  His comfort level and confidence in throwing something like that into general conversation had me going,”What?  Where did that come from?”  It was a great insight to his thought process, and I cherish little things like that.  Most of the time, B acts like a kid with the gross jokes and topics, being silly and playing, talking about all he is learning.  But every once in a while, he will say things that show wisdom beyond his years.  And of course, B amazes me with some of the knowledge he knows.  I wish I could see inside that brain of his sometimes.

Gav is funny and very observant, nothing gets past him even when you think it has.  N and I have learned this over the past few months.  This kid makes us laugh on a daily basis, and he doesn’t even try.  B has instilled his love of reading into Gav over the last few years.  While Gav may not ever be the reader B is (who knows, he could be) he will still have a love for reading.  Gav just likes to move around and play.  Though he will sit still for a story he is interested in.  I can’t wait for him to begin to read!  I really wish I could post a video on here of Gav playing.  He is so imaginative.  If I ever figure out how to, I will.  And when the boys play together, it’s funny to listen to.  Gav is growing up much quicker having an older sibling.  He wants to do everything B does, and tries so very hard.  We are in the stage right now where he is telling jokes, but because he doesn’t quite grasp the concept of what makes a joke funny, he just repeats what his brother says and adds his own punchline.

These are just a few thoughts on my precious boys.  They aren’t babies anymore, and are growing too fast.  It often catches me by surprise just how much they both change within a few months.  I can’t wait to see the men they will become, though I am in no hurry for that to happen.  I often wonder what they will do, who they will marry, and what their hobbies will be.  What an adventure it will be to get there!

There is so much more I love about my boys( like their hearts) that I will share another time,otherwise this post would have been way too long.  Hope I didn’t bore you too much:)


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Starting out the New Year

So I started a post on here, and instead of saving it, I published it.  When you saw that very short post, that’s what it was.  Sorry about that.  I am finally sitting down to write what I meant to a week ago.  Our new year kicked off wonderfully.  We celebrated the New Year at church, eastern time.  There were plenty of snacks/drinks, games, and fellowship.  Minute to Win It was the name of the game, and the kids seemed to have a great time trying to do all these crazy things in 60 seconds or less.  And since we celebrated in eastern time, it meant that we were home and the kids in bed by 10pm.  Surprisingly enough, N and I actually made it to midnight.  It’s been so long, I don’t remember the last time that happened.

A week later, we had a lot of change going on.  N and I started a 21 day fast.  B started Taekwondo, and Gav began swimming lessons.  We definitely kept busy in the evenings.  B seems to really enjoy TK and we finally got him his uniform.  Last week one of the instructors commented on how much B has improved so quickly.  B will be in TK for a minimum of 4 months since this was the agreement.  We wanted him to give it enough time to decide if he likes or not.  This also allows for plenty of time to get his first belt, which won’t be too much longer.  Gav really enjoyed swimming and has been signed up for Feb.  He really improved from the first day to the last and passed onto the next level.  I suspect he will be at this level a little longer than the first.  Gav is already putting his head underwater and doing a few strokes before surfacing.  Something I thought was humorous was the instructor had Gav’s class all ride pool noodles like horses.  This was truly funny watching all of them attempt this.  None of the three could balance and were very wobbly.  But by the end of the month, Gav was riding his “horse” noodle from one end of the pool and back without any wobbling.

Feb. has us going in the same direction with both boys in their respective classes.  Today B is trying out for a play with the Missoula Children’s Theatre.  This is a traveling theatre from Montana that will perform at the end of this week.  I won’t know until later tonight if he has made it.  It will be exciting if he makes it.  B seems to be doing well in school.  He is still having issues with being made fun of.  The asking to be homeschooled has continued since the beginning, and now N and I are seriously considering it.  All that needs to be done is filing the form with the school district.  B doesn’t really have any friends (2) and boys pretend to punch him, call him names, make fun of him, even tell him he is weird.  This will probably be happening here soon.  We don’t want him to lose self-esteem and feel bad about who he is.  This is such a pivotal point in a child’s life.  You know what I find funny?  B knows I am harder on him when I am his teacher, than the one in public school.  And he still asks to be homeschooled knowing that.  I have commented on it a few times when dealing with homework or talking with him about being taught at home. Maybe this is what he needs.  All I know is that N and I try to make the best decisions we can.  I think that’s what any good parent does, they do the best they can with what they know.

I promise to post on a more regular schedule now that our fast is over, holidays are finished, and a routine has been established in our house.  We hope you all are well.  xo


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