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Swimming, Swimming in the Swimming Pool.

Gav had his second swimming lesson this past Sat. for the Ray/Starfish level  We’ve had to switch locations and the first Sat. there wasn’t so great.  The pool is much bigger and there is little time for him to rest.  He wanted to quit after the first lesson. Gav cried about how hard it was and that he didn’t like swimming on his back. We told him he had to finish it out and that there were only four more to go.  So this Sat. we talked to him about how he needed to listen and to what the teachers said, no matter how hard it got.  We also bribed him.  Yes, I know this probably isn’t the best parenting.  Sometimes kids just need an incentive to do something that is hard for them.  Besides, we just told him we would take him some place special, and we were already going to be going to the bookstore.  Yep, that was the surprise!  Gav was none too thrilled, but was happy with his new book anyway.  I think he thought we were going to get him a toy.  But the bribe worked and he did really great.  N was with him while B and I sat in the lobby.  The Y has a window in the lobby area where you can watch.  It’s quite the set up really.  There is a small pool for the lower level classes and right behind that is the large pool, where Gav was.  Well it’s a good thing I was watching the small pool.  I learned from a parent watching their child that the class going on was the one Gav just graduated from(Eel).  And they were doing things Gav didn’t in his class.  Which makes sense why they had them practice swimming on his back the first Sat. of his class.  He had not practiced doing anything but floating on his back, and in the Eel class the kids were practicing kicking while on their backs with assistance.  Needless to say, Gav should not have been moved up.  I talked to the lady at the front desk and found out she was a swim instructor as well.  She said she never lets a child move up a level until they have taken the class at least twice.  Gav has not.  He has moved up two levels in two months.  Now the first time I was excited, and it was clear he was ready to go on.  But when the instructor moved him up again, I had doubts.  But of course, I figured the teacher knew best.  Clearly that wasn’t the case.  I had Gav moved and he will now be in the Eel class on Sat. mornings and I think he will enjoy swimming again.

Oh, and we picked up a bird field guide at the bookstore since B is studying birds.(It’s why we were heading to the bookstore.)  We are now officially birders!  Soon we will be out birding on the weekends too:)  Hope all is well and that you are enjoying the snow and cold.  It’s nice and sunny here! ( I just had to rub it in)  xoxo

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What’s been going on?

We have started the home schooling.  It’s been a rough start for both of us, but that was to be expected.  It’s hard starting a new routine, and even harder when you can’t slack off either.  Our house and it’s layout/size make it hard to set up for school.  We just don’t have a lot of space.  Believe it or not, this does make a difference for us.  In order to do home school, I need to be organized with everything in one place.  Unfortunately, that is not an option here.  This makes it rough on my end because setting up takes longer, and honestly I have yet to find my groove.  And until I find mine, B will have a hard time finding his since he follows my lead.  It may take weeks or even months, which I really hope is not the case.

The problem is I have been spoiled.  In our house, we had two tables, one for eating and the other for school.  All of my things were by the second table and in a rolling cart we have.  The rolling cart makes things too crowded here and I am at the mercy of one table.  I have to move my things from one place to another daily.  It’s not hard, but inconvenient.  Plus, B had a bin for his things.  Now we have to share the same bin.  We have another bin, but it’s being used in the playroom.  This weekend, I will be finding a home for those things and taking that bin for my use.  I really think this will help with the organization.

But it’s not all bad.  We have started zoology for science, with the focus being on flying creatures this year.  It’s a two to three year long study, with each year being broken down into smaller groups of animals.  B picked this out for our study this year and he is very excited about it.  I have had a look through the book and like the anatomy book, it’s very well organized and there is a ton of info.  Other than that we are doing the normal math (fractions), spelling, writing, and art.  For history, we are doing real books.  What do I mean by that?  We are going to read factual books for kids for this subject.  I haven’t found a history program I like, and B didn’t like the one we had done in the past.  The library is going to be our best friend!  Well, at least as soon as we get there.  When I bought B’s books, I added in two that will be very interesting.  One is called “If You Lived 100 Years Ago” and the other “Great Letters in American History”.  I have read through the first one already, but have yet to finish the second.  It’s very interesting and definitely a kid’s read.  The second one is letters from people certain times during American history starting before the Revolution and continuing until the late 1900’s.  Some of them maybe be too boring for B at this age, so I will probably just pick and choose as we cover certain time periods.  If anyone hears of a really good book for us to read, please share it with me.  We love to read as a family and this is something I can include Gav in as well.

Gav is still into the “body book” or our anatomy book from last year.  He and N sat tonight reading it together.  There is a short story in there about ‘Zoey’ the blood cell.  It tells about a blood cell’s journey through the body, using medical terminology, and Gav thoroughly enjoys this.  Crazy kid!

Oh, I have to share this real quick before I end this post.  Gav was in the bath the other night and informed us that if you fart in the bathtub, you make bubbles.  Too funny, right?!

Anyway, we love you and miss you all.  xoxo

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We’ve been hit

with a virus.  Our boys have been sick, so we really haven’t done much.  We aren’t sure what it is because the symptoms are only a fever and/or sore throat.  Strep throat has been ruled out as there is no swelling of the throat, glands, or white spots seen on the back of the throat.  Plus it seems to come and go and could be related to the dryness in the air.  Anyway, it’s just recovery from here on out.

B was told he would be able to test for his yellow belt this Friday.  Unfortunately, since he still has a fever this morning, he won’t be testing.  It is a blessing in disguise, as N would not have been able to be there.  We are hopeful that N will be able to make the reschedule.

I hope everyone is having a good week. xoxo


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