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May is flying by

Wow, the time has flown as it usually does when being busy.  Let me start off by saying Thank You for writing B.  He is in the process of writing return letters, in between homework and Tae Kwondo.  Speaking of which, B took his yellow belt test on Friday and passed.  We knew he would.  His next test will be for a second degree yellow.  I did video it, and I may start a youtube channel so you can watch, if I can’t figure out how to add them here.  I am going to get a Blogging for Dummies book from the library.  Either way, some pics and videos will come within the next couple of months.

So what have we been doing?  Well, N and I had our anniversary last weekend and then Mother’s Day, which kept us very busy.  We went away for a night to Orcas Island.  If you get a chance, look it up, it is part of the San Juan Islands.  It was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of it.  And the boys enjoyed their time with the guys we had watching them.  Oh, I wish you could meet them.  They are young men of God, who have vibrant personalities.  They are friends, and they feed off each others’ energy.  The boys love when they come over.  Then, with my birthday weekend and packing for a trip, and going on said trip.  N had work down near Seattle, so the boys and I went with him on Sunday.  We took them to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium on Monday.  They enjoyed it for sure.  I don’t think a trip to the zoo ever gets old.  On Tuesday we took them to see The Croods.  We all enjoyed that movie.  And of course, we enjoyed lots of pool time at the hotel.  I was waterlogged by the time we left Wednesday, swimming even that very morning before we left.

Gavin is now signed up for gymnastics.  It is only offered for three weeks before they break for summer.  He will also be picking up swim lessons again.  If he likes gymnastics, we may try it again in the fall.

When I see this written out, it doesn’t sound like we are all that busy.  Most of it is during the day just getting the school work done.  We’ve been to the library a few times and have been enjoying that.  We found out there is a lego club that meets on the third Saturday of every month.  It’s very informal, just kids coming together to play with legos.  We missed this month, but plan on going next month if we can. Also, N was home for a week after being gone for two.  We spent some time out and about getting things done.

A story to share with you.  N and I grabbed a book for B at the library the other week when we took Gav while B was at TK.  We thought it sounded interesting and like something he would like.  He brought it on the trip with us to read on the long drive.  Well he didn’t pick it up until we were at the hotel.  He later came to me and said he didn’t want to read this book.  I said,” Is it that bad?”  Clearly thinking he didn’t enjoy it.  He replied,” Well there’s cursing and they use God’s name in vain.  I don’t think I should read it.”  I was so proud of him! (And at the same time a bit ashamed that we had picked this out for him)  We would have never known, but he knew enough to tell us.  It definitely shows us we are going in the right direction.  Especially when B is starting to get a little more moody now, and is started to get a little mouthy.  The teen years aren’t far…..We will be addressing it with the library.  The book was in the kids section and I can’t imagine they are aware of the language in it.

Well I am tired and need some sleep.  We send our love.  xoxo

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