It's a Wonderful Life…

with the Mace family.


Well for a little over a week we have been hit with hard with allergies.  Here, in the air, float white fuzziness, gathering on the sides of streets, looking almost like snow.  Apparently, our bodies have decided that after weeks of breathing this in, they’ve had enough.  Or it could quite possibly be some unseen perpetrator or cat dander as Charlie is shedding quite a bit.  But I suspect the white fuzzies (yeah, it’s not very technical), for we have been dealing with allergies since they started floating around.  Our allergy meds have stopped working against them, and to be honest I was so out of it with allergy fog, that I don’t remember much of last week.  Add to that, dealing with boys who are themselves experiencing the same, and you got this blog.  Yep, nothing!  O.k., so towards the end we were feeling a bit better, thank goodness.  And we did meet our new neighbors.  The boys played outside with several kids for almost 3 hours.  Unfortunately the result of that was conjunctivitis for B.  Sunday afternoon, his left eye became swollen, puffy, red, and gross.  Don’t tell him I said that, but it was.  I really thought we were going to have to take him to the doctors.  Lucky? for me, I have the internet, a few books, and some knowledge of this.  While the internet can be quite scary, giving worse case scenarios, it was helpful.  After pumping B with Benadryl and Tylenol, applying many warm compresses and eye drops, he is left with a slightly pink (just looks irritated) and a little gunky eye.  READ:  Not Gross!  This I can handle.  He will probably be able to do TK tonight, as long as it doesn’t flare up again.

Last night we went to our first of N’s softball games.  The games are on Mondays, and this is the second one he’s played in.  The first one was too late at night to take the boys.  They only last an hour, which is great for the kids.  They did well, watching about 40 min of it.  N’s team lost by 1.  The boys really enjoyed themselves  and we are all excited to go to more over the next couple of months.

Charlie our cat is doing great.  Seriously, I need to get a pic of him on here.  He is adorable.  Although, now that he’s been fixed (I have always found this word usage strange (and yet I use it), because animals aren’t broken before they are neutered/sprayed) he’s lazier and very picky.  Not the lay on your lap type of cat, though he is still young and that could come later.  He does love the boys and likes to be where they are, unless the downstairs window is open.  Then he can be found at either place.  When we head to bed, he follows us upstairs and lays on the computer chair, which has now become his spot.  I know he doesn’t lay there all night, but I know most of it he is there.  I have come out of our room and different times, whether because of one of the boys or my bladder, and have found him lying there almost every time.  We definitely love him and enjoy having him here!

So, I have been looking into adding video, and it might just be easier to do a private youtube account.  Idk, but I am moving along in the knowledge and getting there.  I have videos on my phone too, and I have yet to figure out how to get them to my computer, but I know I can get them on a youtube channel.  We did recently buy a cheap little video recorder, so that will help only if we remember to bring it with us.  Working on that.  Anyway, just thought I would let you know what progress I have made as far as this goes, even though it’s very little. I promise that one way or the other, you will be able to see videos by the end of summer if not sooner.

Well, it’s lunch time and the belly is growling.  I hope everyone is have a Happy Tuesday.  xoxo

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Summer has just begun

to make an appearance.  It was hot for a few days and with no air conditioning, a bit uncomfortable at night.  Fans are definitely a must in  an area where air conditioners fail to be the norm.  B has finished with math and ended up with a B+, just shy of an A.  By the end of this month we will finish science.  All that will be left will be spelling and writing, which will only take an hour or two at most every day.  Not too bad.  I keep hearing of things to do here during the summer months, which really kick off when school ends, either this week or next, depending on the school district.  B has already completed one reading program through B&N, and will be doing the one at the library beginning later this month.  We love the library!  This system they have set up is pretty amazing, even allowing me to check out books from the community college and university near us.  Can’t beat that!  I have already started looking at farms to visit and berry pick or just to see what they sell.  We have yet to visit the Farmer’s Market, but Saturday will rectify that.  It’s really big here, and they even have a Saturday where kids can sell things they have made or grown.  What a great way to learn about commerce!  We will be making it there when they do that as well to show B all that he could do.  Might be something he could shoot for next summer, if he is interested.  I am going to try to keep us busy and outdoors if possible.  B is continuing on in TK, while Gavin finishes up his last gymnastics class tonight.  I haven’t decided if we will sign him up again, but if we do it will be at another location.  The Y here is small, and just like swimming, gymnastics is offered on Sat. morning at a bigger location.  I think he wants to continue gymnastics.  I am going to pick up a Blogging for Dummies book from the library soon.  Maybe it will help with downloading videos and pictures easier and better.  I get too frustrated with technology.  Just when I get the hang of it, it changes.  Hopefully with less to do, I can spend some time revamping this and making it a little nicer.  Not much going on right now except the usual.  N and I are talking about giving B N’s old Ipad.  It would really be fun for him I think.  And there is tons he could do on it, like skype or read or even play learning games.  Of course, time on it would have to be earned.  We’ll see.  I can’t believe he is growing up so fast, but then isn’t that the way it goes.  I can hardly believe that we have been here as long as we have.  Both boys are thriving here and getting to experience a lot. Well, they are yelling  calling for snack.  I hope you all have a good week.  xoxo

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