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Back to School!!!

I can’t wait to get started!  This year Gav starts doing more things too.  Of course with Kindergarten, it’s lots of fun.  We are going to be studying lots of fun topics, mainly dealing with animals.  I am using technology to make our experience much greater.  B will now be using an IPad for some of his school stuff.  I went through and put apps on I thought he would like, one being a virtual frog dissection for when we get to the amphibians study.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the boys will be studying some awesome things.

We started school this week.  A bit of a rough start being that a lot of the house is unorganized right now.  It’s hard to think while the house is in chaos.  But since we were able to move in a few days early, most of the school stuff was ready to go.  We set up our little area, which serves as the dining room too.  It’s so bright and sunny there, and even on cloudy days there is tons of natural light.  I think it will be a few weeks until we have a grip on this new schedule this year, and sure to be some tweaks to the order in which we do things.

This week we studied ocean currents and tides in science, the early church (Acts) in history, exponents in math, and tried out our new writing book.  The writing program I chose will def take some getting used to.  But other than that, everything went really smoothly.  This year is going to be awesome!  (Have I said that yet?)

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