It's a Wonderful Life…

with the Mace family.

Day # 7

Gav at the restaurant on N’s Bday.  We went out with some friends to celebrate and Gav was being goofy as always.

Gav and N fighting using light sabers.

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Day #6

These are of Gav and so is Day 7.  I have more video of him because B doesn’t really like to be in front of the camera.

Gav got ahold of my phone.

Here Gav ends up vacuuming after arguing with me that vacuuming is easy for him and not hard to do.


Day #5

The boys playing at the school.

Gav fighting with daddy.

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Day #4

Oops, I completely forgot yesterday.  It was incredibly busy day filled with rest, cleaning, and talking with friends.  Oh, and a little makeup party thrown in for good measure, only to round that out with a concert at our church.  Lots of fun and we were definitely worn out by night’s end.  I hope you enjoy!

Gav talking about Transformers at Grandma Foor’s in Sept. 2012

B and Gav playing at Grandma Foor’s.

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Day #3

Gavin reading the book The Pokey Little Puppy to me.

Gavin at his gymnastics class this past summer.

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I took this while B was practicing for his yellow belt test.  I didn’t want to make him nervous during the actual test itself.  If the camera bothered him, I would not have taped him testing.

John took B fishing before the wedding.  This is the first time B had ever done that.

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Seven days of videos, DAY #1

I’ve got a lot of videos, and if I put them all on here at once it would be quite overwhelming.  So for the next seven days, I will be posting only videos for you guys to watch.  I will be using this time to write about our vacation, which will include several videos as well.  Plus, I have a post about our typical school day coming up.  And if you wanted to know if there is a video with that, the answer is yes.  In fact, it will be only video.  Am I going a little video crazy?! Yes, YEs, and YES!  Don’t worry, there will be stories to go along with some of the videos I will show you.  For now, enjoy.  With the holiday season upon us, I may not be posting as often.

Here is Gav running to wear himself out.

Gav wanted to be a cowboy for this one.

Gav trying to grapple.

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Our trip to Portland.

I set up a test page, please comment and let me know if you can view it.  I was able to.

Well, I haven’t blogged in quite a bit.  I know, I know.  I really was going to, but with N traveling for work a bit more, being a single mom zaps me.  The last thing I want to do is write.  But I come with good news!  We now have a bit of a routine established, therefore I will be able to blog in the afternoons when I have a bit more energy.  Yay!

At the end of last month, Sept 29th, to be exact, we headed down to Portland, Or for N’s work.  We spent four full days there and had some fun.  The hotel pool and cable are always a novelty when we travel, so we def spent some time with both of those things.  Plus we went out and did a few things.  We went shopping at Ikea, which is just fun and inspiring.  B got a new desk out of it plus new desk chair, and Gav got a new duvet to cover the old Thomas comforter we have from B’s younger days.  This thing is more than seven years old and still going strong!  We visited a well known and very large book store.  It takes up almost a whole city block and is several floors.  Of course, we couldn’t leave without buying some books for the boys!  We sat in there for a few hours, and would have stayed longer if N didn’t have to go to work, and read books.  It was great just to walk the aisles.  The boys found so many books that they wanted.  The selection was incredibly huge, one has to wonder if they don’t carry almost every book available.  This was bigger than our library here, and to give you an idea of just how big, it was bigger than the Fairfield County Library last time I was there.  We also spent a day around the Columbia River Gorge area just east of Portland.  Beautiful!  We went in search of one waterfall, made a wrong turn, and ended up finding something so much better.  The boys really enjoyed it.  It was cold and damp, but they were troopers, hiking to see the several waterfalls we saw.  The first waterfall we stumbled upon was Wahkeena Falls.  A little farther up, we discovered Multnomah Falls, the tallest waterfall in Oregon is 611 ft tall.  It was incredibly tall and really loud.  We walked along the bridge and felt the mist on our faces.  I will post a video I have of this for you to see.  We tried to walk up to the top of the falls, but 3/4 of the way up Gav needed to use the bathroom.  So we turned around and headed down.  The walk was very steep, a constant incline with switchbacks all the way up.  It was a mile long hike, but seemed so much longer when you are constantly heading up.

After this, we were pretty tired, so we headed back toward the hotel.  On the way back, B convinced me to take a turn where we were originally supposed to.  There we saw Laurel Falls, which was our intended destination.  What a blessing though to have missed that turn.  We wouldn’t have seen Multnomah Falls otherwise.  We enjoyed Laurel Falls too, and the drive back was much more scenic than the drive there since we took the scenic highway back to the hotel.  When we told N what we had seen, he wanted to go there too, so Friday morning that is exactly what we did to start our mini vacation….

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Testing, Testing….

Can you click on this and view?

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Our new place

How many times have we said that before?  Can you guess?  Hint:  It’s more than the fingers of one hand, but less than the sum of fingers and toes on one’s body.  Ok, I don’t know and I’m not going to try and figure out that exact answer, because I am sure that I would be off by one or two.

We are slowly getting settled in, with the problem of having so much space, I am still trying to figure out where things can go.  I know, what a problem to have!  I will take that any day over not having enough space.  The boys are settled into their rooms, with only the book shelves to be done in Bjorn’s.  I can’t find the pegs, so his books are in piles in front of the bookshelf.  Gavin didn’t like having his own room at first, but has grown accustomed to it.  Bjorn was ready for his own room and I can’t blame him.  He likes sleeping in a little more in the mornings!

Our garage is so cluttered with boxes, things to give away, and lawn & garden tools.  I finally managed, with B’s help, to clear it enough to fit my car inside.  It never ceases to amaze me how long it takes to settle in somewhere.  We are still getting our books onto their shelves, pictures onto the walls, and games in their places.

The boys have really enjoyed the backyard and soccer field located behind us.  We have yet to hit the trail as its becoming quite chilly out.  There is usually a cold breeze that nips at the nose.  I have a feeling we are in for a cold winter.

We really are enjoying ourselves in our new place.  With lots of natural light, it feels warm and cozy.  Plus we have a great view of the sunset every night.  They truly are spectacular!

So, while this doesn’t pertain to our new house, it does to something I have been working on figuring out.  So, right before we moved I was reading some books about blogs.  Here’s what I learned:  with wordpress, I would have to upgrade to a paid blog to put up video.  I am not willing to do that because it entails far more than just a monthly fee, but a whole new electronic world that I haven’t even begun to grasp.  That’s not to say it won’t happen in the future.  I could switch domains.  If I started a whole new blog with blogspot or blogger, or something of the like, I may be able to put up video.  Not all of them all that, so it would be research and starting over.  Not appealing to me, I like where I am at.  That leaves me with creating a YouTube channel.  Now I will be seeing what that will look like and if I can make it private.  This may take some time for me to understand, because books like to use technical terms which are foreign to me.  But I will prevail!  I honestly don’t think doing YouTube will take me as long.  It’s really about the privacy issue and sorting that out.

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