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Snow Days

I peeked out the window tonight as I was readying the house for bed.  The snow angels the boys made today have been covered over by fresh snow.  There is little evidence that my two boys spent hours outside building a snow fort, making snow angels, running around, and digging in the still too warm ground.  It’s peaceful and silent out there, the opposite of the noise coming from it earlier.  Their laughter, talking, building, running, fighting, and screams of joy pierced the air in the daylight.  But fresh snow fell covering up little boy adventures.  Tomorrow holds promise for it all to happen again.




This video is  from the second day the boys went outside to play in the snow.  We are currently on our third day, but the boys won’t be heading outside.  They only lasted half an hour yesterday because of the wind and today the wind is whipping around much fiercer than the day before.  We can hear it howling from inside our cozy home.

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We Saw The Lego Movie!!

And it was epic!  That’s what the boys said, along with awesome and great and lots of other similar adjectives.  N and I enjoyed it as well, though the ending was a bit unexpected.  We saw it last Monday after we returned N’s rental car.  The boys were thrilled when they found out.  It was pretty empty too, not many people go in the middle of the day.  I believe this worked in our favor (and perhaps everyone else’s) because I think we laughed the most and probably the loudest.  There was so much in it, that we can’t wait to own it just to pause the movie to see everything in the background.  Lego sets were everywhere, some of them the expensive or hard to find ones.  Afterwards, N treated us to Cold Stone (YUM!) where we sat and talked about The Lego Movie and laughed some more.  I believe we are officially a geeky family:)  Seriously!  We’ve been looking forward to this movie since last year and I mean early last year.

Gav is sick, stuffy nose and fever.  The first real illness of the year.  I don’t count sniffles without a fever because around here they only last a few days.  So blessed to have a healthy family!  But Gav is a trooper, not letting it get him down.  I know it’s not serious if he still has all that energy.  The boys love being sick because they get juice, lots and lots of juice!  We aren’t a juice drinking family and it’s rare for us to have juice in the house.  For one, water is cheaper and far better for us.  And N and I aren’t big juice drinkers anyway.  Selfish?  Perhaps, but we are the shoppers so we kind of have a say and honestly it’s just not something we think about.  Just like when I go grocery shopping, I don’t seek out foods that I don’t like, even though N does.  I have to be reminded because it’s not very obvious to me to get those things.

B is getting new glasses.  His old ones kept breaking and we kept super gluing them back together.  They finally got to a point where that just wasn’t possible anymore.  He’s excited and I really liked the eye dr.  He was very passionate about the eyes and really should us some cool stuff.  Did you know you can see symptoms of diseases in the eyes before you ever notice them in the body?  Yep, you can.  We also got to see what eye cancer looks like in the picture that is taken of the eye.  I have the strangest knack for finding cutting edge eye dr.s .  This isn’t the first time, though it was my eye dr. in Va .He created a contact you where at night while sleeping and take out in the morning to have 20/20 vision during the day.  It had already been through the testing phase!  Incredible, right?!  I just love finding people who are passionate about what they do, it makes them better I think because they are always wanting to learn, which means they are always studying and keeping up with their chosen profession.  Besides, unfortunately it’s not often that someone loves what they do.  Inspiring!  Well all that to say, B gets new glasses which you will see in a video we are going to shoot within the next week.  He picked them out himself and he looks quite handsome.  He is growing up so fast.  B went through a growth spurt and is in the next size in pants (12) and almost there in tops (10/12).  I don’t want him to keep growing:(  But I am glad he is getting some height to him and won’t feel so short among his peers.  Though that won’t last long with everyone growing at different rates through the teen years.  I am excited for those!  B is such an amazing boy, so very caring and compassionate with those younger than him.  He has such patience too.  Though you don’t always see that when he is with Gav, when he does it’s really obvious.  I just love how he has grown more outward in showing affection.  He loves drawing/writing little love notes.  And we love receiving them:)  I really am excited to see the man he becomes.  But I am not in a hurry, time is free to slow down a little.

Well the boys are getting a little excited playing xbox.  Going to try to settle them down.  Hope all is well in your world.


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Long Overdue

Yep, this post is aptly titled!  Sometimes I don’t know how time escapes so quickly.  The past few months have been a like a time vacuum, sucking it up without us even realizing it.  It’s Feb already, and I cannot acct for where the time has gone.  We’ve been doing the same old thing it seems.  But that can’t be possible because really we’ve done so much.

I’ll start with what we are looking forward to, The Lego Movie.  You all know how crazy the boys are about Legos, so I am sure you know we will be seeing this movie.  What you don’t know is that N and I have also looked forward to it too!  We love legos:)  In fact, we have all been collecting the Lego minfigs that are selling for the Lego movie.  Yes, even we have our own minifigs.  N is traveling so we won’t be joining the masses churning out to see this on Friday.  However, it works in our favor because we will be going during the day when it’s cheaper(!) and less crowded.  We are all excited to see this movie and have been looking forward to it for what seems like almost a year.

Also N and I are going to start the adoption process next week.  We are looking at adopting through the foster care system.  We expect this to take about a year because of all the classes we need to do and having to work around N’s schedule a little bit.  Next week is just the orientation where we will find out more info.  I have started an adoption blog for people to follow if they want to. (, it’s not set up just yet)  I know what you’re thinking, “But you don’t post often enough on here, and now your going to start another one”.  Rest assured, you will only need to check this one.  I will be posting the same things as far as the adoption process goes on both.  This blog is for family only, where the adoption one will be for both family and friends and much more public.  Just stick with this one and you all will be fine.  Besides, this one will be posted on more.  Or at least hopefully.  The boys haven’t really said much about it since we’ve told them.  I think right now it’s just an abstract idea and not quite real.  Once things start rolling, I think they will be more vocal.  With B, I think he will probably open up to his grandparents more than us.  But I am hoping that he will feel free to say how he is feeling and what he thinks.

B is still struggling to get school work done and manage his time.  Please pray for him about this.  We have started a timer method, which I have shied away from because it has caused anxiety in the past.  This seems to be working and he is done by 3 or 4pm.  He will also be schooling year round from here on out.  I know what you are thinking, but honestly we have already taken several breaks, more than public school and we are still looking at completing our year by the first week of June.  And B would like to learn quite a bit of things, and we can’t get that all done in nine months.  Summer months will be fun things, like learning to cook and sew, two things he wants to learn to do.  I am going to “make” classes to teach him and have the goal being he shops and prepares a meal by himself by the end of that.  With sewing, it will be basic skills like fixing a rip in the seam and attaching a button.  We will also focus on Latin and critical thinking skills with brain puzzles.  His actual school work will take less than an hour a day.  And we will  read books together that we have been wanting to do.  The focus is more together oriented.  He starts seventh grade in the fall, which means most of his work will be done on his own.  Something exciting happened for B.  He wrote a letter to the Lego company back in Nov/Dec.  The responded back with a one and a half page letter.  You should have seen the grin on his face!  I was impressed with their response to him and that they took the time to address what he wrote and answer him, even sharing something they are working on that his letter addressed!  Ask him about it because I know he would love to tell you and read it to you.  I am so very proud of him.  As you know he hates writing, but he the letter he wrote was very well done.  It was nice to see that he could put into practice what I had taught him last year.

Gav is learning to read and actually can read some.  He loves it and it is crazy how quickly he catches on.  We are also working on writing, but reading is really our main focus.  He is as crazy and funny as ever.  The spidey suit no longer fits and it seems he is growing out of that phase.  Sad but true.  He is having the hardest time with N traveling, and we are constantly struggling to stay in a routine.  I will try to get a video of him reading his Bob books.

N and I have decided to change churches.  We have been at this one for a year and a half, but haven’t made any friends outside of Sunday morning.  It’s not for lack of trying as we have opened our house up to others and invited them over.  We have also been active in church activities.  We are also not being fed spiritually and desperately need that.  We have been pouring into others without being poured into, which eventually led us to feeling a bit empty.  Our desire is to live life with families, and we don’t see that desire being lived out here.  It’s mainly just talk at this point.  We already have another church in mind right now that we are going to try out.  They seem to be what we are looking for and desiring for our family.  I have talked to B about this and he is a little sad, understanding of why, but feels he doesn’t really have much of a choice.  We talked about that though.  He knows why we are leaving and what we desire for him and our family.  Sometimes this happens, but I am so thankful we aren’t leaving because of something being done or said.  It’s on good terms, or as good as it can be at this point.  No one likes to hear a family is leaving the church.

I think that about catches everyone up.  Can I just say, I am jealous of all the snow you all have been getting!  It was warm enough for us to be outside on sunny days until last week.  Now it’s cold and the wind is bitter.  I sure would appreciate you all sending some of that snow our way:)

Have a good week!  xoxo

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