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Gav reading.

Gav and I have been working on his reading.  B picked this up so very easily and with little help, so this is a new adventure for me.  Some days he wants to read a lot, and other days he can’t be bothered.  But I’ve noticed as his confidence grows, so does his interest in read more books and more challenging books.  While I would describe Gav as a pretty confident kid, this is one area I’ve seen his confidence falter and even fail.  Pushing through a book some days has taken every ounce of patience I have and so I’ve had to ask God for more because there is nothing left in me.  While last year was a bit of a battle after he realized how hard it would be to actually learn to read, even his enthusiasm to want to read couldn’t carry him through, this year has been markedly easier.  His love of reading, now that he has some books he can confidently read under his belt, is thriving again and helping in the difficult times.  I’ve noticed that when his confidence lacks, he tends to lower the volume of his voice.  As a mom, this has been really hard to watch and see him struggle.  But I also know, he needs to struggle through this and conquer it.  We all know there are many things in life we have had to face that were difficult, and this is what I am trying to prepare the boys for:  real life.  They need to know that they may struggle with certain things in this life, but they can persevere.  All this to say, enjoy the video of Gav reading a book by one of his favorite authors, Mo Willems.  As you will hear, he doesn’t know he is being filmed, he would not have read as confidently if he knew.  And if it sounds like he knows this book well, it’s because it has been read a lot this week.  This is the fruit of his labor.

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B’s birthday trip

This is going to be a short post as I am going to encourage everyone to talk to B about diving with sharks.  There are six short videos we bought from this experience, I am posting the ones that will be of most interest to you..  He was in the cage with two other divers.

The first video shows how close some of the sharks came to the cage.  B is the left in the cage, he stays there the entire time.

In the third video, B is the first head of hair you see.  It’s to show you a view from inside the cage.

Hope all is well with everyone.  I will try to put a few more posts up shortly.

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Working our way through the summer-July.

Since I didn’t write anything about our summer, I thought I would get you all caught up.  The last summer post was mid-July, and right after that, N and I left on an Alaskan cruise, an amazing opportunity provided by N’s job.  During this week, the boys stayed with our neighbor and her kids in between our two houses.  I will just say this before trying to describe it to you, If you get a chance to go to Alaska or on an Alaskan cruise, DO IT!  <—— See those words, they are being said loudly and enthusiastically.  GO!  SEE!  ALASKA!  Get it?  Got it?  Good!  Seriously!  Do you get the feeling that I loved it?!  Well you are one smart cookie 🙂  Yes, I did in fact love every view, every sound, every smell, and everything we were able to experience in our limited time on land.  I fell in Love with Alaska!  But I kinda knew I would.  It’s the same way I love WA or MT, their beauty is breathtaking, indescribable, and it worms its way into your heart.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I won’t say much about the cruise because being on the ship wasn’t that exciting, except for the food.  The food was delicious!  Superbly so.  But it’s not that I didn’t like being on the ship, but this wasn’t your typical cruise.  It was taken over by a ministry and ran very differently.  And while it was nice, there wasn’t a lot for me to do except go to the cooking shows everyday and one ventriloquist act that was so hilarious we bought the dvd.  But the food was delicious!  And seeing Alaska was divine!  We went to Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan.  I could spend hours describing AK’s beauty, but instead I will show you a few pictures instead.

While it doesn't look like much, you are seeing 22 miles of glacier.

While it doesn’t look like much, you are seeing 22 miles of glacier.


A view of Juneau.


Another sunset view.

Another sunset view.

Margerie glacier calving.

Margerie glacier calving.

A view of Mendenhall Glacier from the road as we headed there.

A view of Mendenhall Glacier from the road as we headed there.

A view of Mendenhall Glacier from the trail.

A view of Mendenhall Glacier from the trail.

A female bald eagle.  They were very abundant in Sitka, AK.

A female bald eagle. They were very abundant in Sitka, AK.

Nate holding a piece of the Mendenhall Glacier.

N holding a piece of the Mendenhall Glacier.


As you can tell, we went to see Mendenhall Glacier, which was in Juneau, our first stop.  N and I enjoyed the short hike, going off the beaten path a bit.  We stumbled across a family whose kids were in the water holding pieces of the glacier.  We just had to get in on the fun and do it too.  So we took off our socks, rolled up our pants, and stepped into the deliciously cold water to grab some ice.  We have pictures of each of us standing in the water, but the one above turned out better.  I also stood in the water near the waterfall at this glacier too.  Brrrrrr.  It was refreshing, cold, and not something you want to do for too long.  The bald eagle picture is from Sitka, where we saw so very many of them.  One flew so low near us that we heard the wings flapping.  In Sitka, we went to a park and really got to see lots of wildlife, so most of the pics from there are of animals and plants.  Ketchikan was super touristy, and we weren’t there long enough to go to the outskirts and do what was offered there.  We did see orca whales on the trip, and even a humpback, though only it’s back.  In Glacier Bay, we saw lots of spouting from the whales and sea otters.  We also enjoyed watching the Margerie Glacier calve.  It was incredible to hear, so very loud-sounding.  I was able to capture quite a few pictures of it as there was a lot of activity.  I was told from a woman who worked with the rangers, that it was very rare to have such a clear blue day where all the mountain tops were visible, hence the pic of the glacier 22 miles long.  Apparently even on sunny days, there is usually a fog around the peaks preventing them from being visible.

The sunset in Juneau.

The sunset in Juneau.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I have hundreds of them, so I just showed a few that I thought others would find interesting.  I, of course, love all of them.   And I do want to go back again, and hope I am able to.  But if not, I am so very thankful that I got a chance to catch just a small glimpse of the beauty Alaska has to offer.

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