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Happy New Year 2015

(I actually had this written and was planning on posting it over a week ago.  I just needed to add a few things, but lack of sleep has made it hard to remember to do it.  Another post will be coming shortly)

It’s been a week or two since I posted, so I thought I should probably write something.  Whenever I go to long without writing a post, I forget some things.  We are into our third week of school after Christmas, and still very slowly getting into the swing of things.  Over Christmas, I review what was and was not working in our school day and made some changes, that seem to be working.  B is growing more independent in his studies, doing science and history with us, but needing me for his writing curriculum.  On the other hand, Gav is very dependent on me in every subject.  While this might seem like solutions to this would be easy, it truly hasn’t been.  Gav needs more breaks than we had going, and needs to work in shorter bursts.  Gav needs to start earlier in the morning, but B is wanting to sleep in and start later in the morning.  Really it was about coordinating time for B and I to do writing at just the right time, and working everything else around that.  The hardest part has been getting myself ready for school as early as Gav needs, as I am not a morning person and take time to wake up.  Of course, it’s winter and dark in the mornings still, even on sunny days, which doesn’t help with the waking up factor.

So anyway, things are working out, school is getting done at a decent time and B is actually getting his work done by 2pm or 3pm every day.  The days of him constantly doing school work are done, our schedule that we started the year out with has really helped B with that.  It’s such an accomplishment for him, he’s been working hard at focusing and getting it done.  We still have days were he has forgotten something, but who doesn’t.  This year we also made our own planners tailored to  each of us, and I know that has helped B out a lot with being more organized.  He gets a weeks worth of homework on Monday, and that enables him to work ahead, which often times he does.  We also have character goals and academic goals that we work on.  Over Christmas we reviewed these and found B had met one academic goal (Getting schoolwork done in a timely manner) and two character goals (Being more patient and kind, Work on being more honest).  I thought I would share his goals for the 2nd half of the year, which started this week for us.  Academic goals:  1. Become better acquainted with multiplication facts, 2. To have a better attitude when it comes to writing, 3.  Read and learn more about animals.  Character goals: 1. Be a better friend, 2.  Be more helpful.  B and I sat down at the beginning of the year and wrote these together.  There is one academic and character goal per quarter.  I was very proud of him and put stickers on his goal sheet for those he reached.  In 9 weeks, we will revisit them again and see where he stands.

Gav also has goals.  His academic goals that he reached are: 1. To be able to write a sentence, 2. To be able to read with very little help grade level books, 3. To be able to skip count by 2, 5, 10, (which he has partially reached, needing only to skip count by 5’s to reach this, which he will in his math book).  Character goals reached: 1. To pray every day to be more obedient.  I was really proud of Gav when he came up with his character goals.  After listening to B and I set some, Gav knew just what he wanted to work on.  With no help from me, he listed his character goals.  These are the ones we will be working on:  1. Be more gracious to God, 2. Listen better to my teacher, 3. To be more kind to my friends.  His academic goals are: 1. To be prepared for the next math book, 2. To be able to write fluently and read at grade level with no help, 3. To learn cursive (which we added in Dec. per Gav’s request).  This is the third week of cursive, and it’s slowed down a bit.  Gav’s enthusiasm has waned a little, but he is keeping at it and driven to do it.  We are powering through all the other subjects.  It’s really amazing how much he has picked up on his own.

Well not much more going on around here.  Just busy with the usual!



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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

While it’s been a few days since Christmas, I thought the title was appropriate since I am posting videos from that day.  I took a bunch of videos, pasted them together, and I am now providing them for you to watch, or not.  The boys had no knowledge of being recorded, but only thought I was taking pictures.  Though I suspect B had his suspicions.  I wanted you all to see what we usually do on Christmas day, every bit of it.  Now there were times I wasn’t taping and that was when the boys were busy playing with their toys or looking at something.  Since we’ve no place to go, we go at a slower pace, letting them enjoy what they got and from whom.

Now December was a blur, but a something remarkable did happen.  Gav got his first loose tooth, and lost it two days before Christmas!  It was so tiny and he’s just adorable with a small hole where that tooth used to be.  He was so excited to lose it because he “really hates having a loose tooth.  It hurts.”  And for a kid with a high pain tolerance, it must have been pretty bad.  He couldn’t eat much, and I was cutting things like his sandwich just to make it easier on him.  It won’t be long before it happens again, but for now all teeth are staying  put.

Also, as it tends to happen when we take our cars in for an oil change, we got new vehicles, or at least new to us.  Obviously this doesn’t happen every time we take a car in for an oil change, it’s just that when it does, it coincides with one.  N and I had been leasing and we had a year left.  Honestly, we didn’t plan on anything changing, but wanted to inquire about some things so we could think on them over the next year.  We wanted to own our cars, and we wanted to have a minivan or a vehicle with third row seating.  But we also needed to know if we could afford that and what we were looking at for monthly payments.  We looked at some things, test drove a few, and honestly we weren’t sure about the minivan.  I wasn’t thrilled with what we were shown, especially considering we would have to lease for 3 years and then pay on it for 6 years to buy it in order to lower our monthly payments (which really was our goal).  But lo and behold, a used one, only three years old with less than 30,000 miles on it was being shipped in.  So we filled out the paperwork in order to hold it, with the opportunity to say no to it if we did not like it.  While I wasn’t super crazy about going from my Prius to a minivan, I did really like it.  It was in great condition, and much nicer than the new one.  Also, we could buy it and still lower our monthly car payments.  So I got that, and N traded his Rav4 for a little Audi to drive back and forth to work.  And while I’m still not crazy about the minivan (I loved my Prius, perhaps a little too much!)  I love the space it gives us and with wanting to grow our family, we will need.  Trips are going to be so much nicer in such a roomier vehicle!

On another note, we start school back up again this week.  We took the week before and the week of Christmas off.  Gav will start learning cursive writing, at his request.  It was something he was begging me to teach him.  I gave him a goal of completely his spiderman writing book by Christmas break in order to start learning cursive, and he did it.  His desire to learn cursive stems from him wanting to be able to read it.  I’m not sure he will take to it, or even really learn it this year, but I am willing to give it a shot.  I’ll try to keep you informed on how it’s going.  Heading off into the second half of the year in a few weeks will bring some changes.  In science, we will start Botany, Math will be getting a little more difficult for B as he delves deeper into Pre-Algebra, and Gav might be starting the next math book if he keeps going like he is.  Gav has really taken off in reading, so I am hoping to be trying some easy chapter books with him by spring.  Music theory is going well for B.  He isn’t really thrilled but knows this will help him later learn an instrument.

At this time of night, that’s all I can really think of.   We love you and wish you all a great week!  xoxo



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Our youngest has a unique way of looking at things.  Here are just a few things we’ve remembered to write down as they’ve happened.  This has been just over the last year.  Wish we could record them all.

I’m not moving my feet, I’m twinkling my toes. (in response to my asking him to quit moving his feet while in bed)

Well that is part of the law. (Said this when questioned about being disobedient when asked to get dressed.  He put his clothes over his pj’s.)

We need to get a car that uses gasoline instead of gas.

I don’t have nightmares anymore, but once we return the movie (Bearenstein Bears and the bad dreams) I will have them again.

Do you know why they don’t play baseball at the zoo? Because (according to Gavin) the baseball could hit the dinosaurs’ glass and then they would get out and eat all the plants.

Last night, Gav shared with us that when he grows up he wants to be a deep sea diver so he can hunt cookie cutter sharks while wearing a chain mail suit. When asked why, he told us so they don’t bite anyone. Then he went on to tell us about five other species of sharks he would hunt down afterwards so shark bites would not happen.

While cuddling up with Gavin in my bed this morning, the following conversation ensues.
Gav: I have to lock your door to keep evil men out. If the police take their guns and they still come in…..Oh they can go in the bathroom and then come into your room and eat you. (After locking that door too) There, now they can’t eat you.
Me(chuckling): Gavy, no one’s gonna eat me.
Gav: Why not?
Me: I’m not tasty
Gav: Yes you are. I’ve licked you before and you taste good.

You’re doing manly things B.  Exercising and taking your shirt off.  Those are manly things.

(During a fill in the blank session in history) Me: Going against tradition, Martin Luther married a former _______, Katharina Von Bora.  Gav: Woman  (the correct answer was nun.)

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Gav reading.

Gav and I have been working on his reading.  B picked this up so very easily and with little help, so this is a new adventure for me.  Some days he wants to read a lot, and other days he can’t be bothered.  But I’ve noticed as his confidence grows, so does his interest in read more books and more challenging books.  While I would describe Gav as a pretty confident kid, this is one area I’ve seen his confidence falter and even fail.  Pushing through a book some days has taken every ounce of patience I have and so I’ve had to ask God for more because there is nothing left in me.  While last year was a bit of a battle after he realized how hard it would be to actually learn to read, even his enthusiasm to want to read couldn’t carry him through, this year has been markedly easier.  His love of reading, now that he has some books he can confidently read under his belt, is thriving again and helping in the difficult times.  I’ve noticed that when his confidence lacks, he tends to lower the volume of his voice.  As a mom, this has been really hard to watch and see him struggle.  But I also know, he needs to struggle through this and conquer it.  We all know there are many things in life we have had to face that were difficult, and this is what I am trying to prepare the boys for:  real life.  They need to know that they may struggle with certain things in this life, but they can persevere.  All this to say, enjoy the video of Gav reading a book by one of his favorite authors, Mo Willems.  As you will hear, he doesn’t know he is being filmed, he would not have read as confidently if he knew.  And if it sounds like he knows this book well, it’s because it has been read a lot this week.  This is the fruit of his labor.

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B’s birthday trip

This is going to be a short post as I am going to encourage everyone to talk to B about diving with sharks.  There are six short videos we bought from this experience, I am posting the ones that will be of most interest to you..  He was in the cage with two other divers.

The first video shows how close some of the sharks came to the cage.  B is the left in the cage, he stays there the entire time.

In the third video, B is the first head of hair you see.  It’s to show you a view from inside the cage.

Hope all is well with everyone.  I will try to put a few more posts up shortly.

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Fall has arrived

And with it, comes the beautiful crisp weather we have been dreaming about all summer. For us, it was a hot one. And I mean yucky hot! Do you remember me mentioning most people don’t have air conditioning out here? That’s because it’s typically only hot about two weeks out of the summer. Yeah, not this summer. It was unusually hot and unusually dry. I am thankful we don’t have the humidity out here because that would have just made it worse. There were days, and by days I really mean weeks, where the temp in our house did not drop below 78 and that was sometime after midnight, and only until the sun rose again and brought the temp to 85 or higher by noon. There were even days when it was cooler outside in the evening than it was in the house. This might not seem hot to all of you, but do it without a/c and you will find it’s uncomfortable at best. Plus, our place was in full sun all day, not a speck of shade. We all stunk! But thankfully there were more days that were bearable, though hot, than unbearable. It’s still dryer here than normal, but the rain is coming. I look forward to the rain and the beauty it brings. So much has changed and happened in the last few months. Let’s start with the most recent and try to work our way back.
Most of you know we have moved. We didn’t plan on it, but our previous landlord decided to sell the property we were renting. Even then, we didn’t foresee such a quick move. The couple had also put their house up for sale. It sold quick, like within 3 days of putting it up for sale quick. So they wanted to move into where we were living and gave us 30 days. No one could have foreseen their house selling so fast!  So like madmen, we searched for a new place and packed.  We talked and dreamed about moving to B’ham, how close we could be to everything.  But we only found one place there we liked, but didn’t love.  It honestly looked like we were going to take that one, when one popped up in the city we live in.  Since N was out of town, I checked it out and fell in love with it.  It was everything we wanted, including a fantastic price, except in wasn’t in B’ham.  It became my first choice, even though we didn’t know if we would even get it.  That night our second choice called and said we could have their property.  We asked if we could pray about it, hoping to buy some time.  To make the long story short, we got the first choice!  So we are still in the same town we were before, just a different street.  It is a blessing!  We have a nice size fenced in backyard that has three raised garden beds with compost already put in.  There is a two car garage, to offer plenty of storage space.  The boys love it and this is the house they were hoping for after we saw it.  This was the first time they got invested in a place after seeing it.  Our kitchen in large enough because of a breakfast nook to house both a dining table and a homeschooling table.  It is smaller in some areas and larger in others, but over all it feels like a home.  The neighborhood has plenty of families living here and we have already met some of them.  The only thing that would make this place better is if it weren’t in the city limits so I could get chickens and a cow.  Yes, as crazy as that sounds, I want them.  I am looking into miniature cows that produce enough milk to feed a family of four for a week.  But I will save this dream for later.

I should update you all on the boys now.  B had an ortho appt. last week and has new colors on his braces.  He gets them changed every time.  He also has a thicker wire on the bottom and it’s looking like more brackets will be added at his next visit in Nov.  He is wearing headgear, but only has to at night, though he has worn in during the day as well.  We are still homeschooling.  This Wednesday we will add music theory bi-monthly to his subjects.  This is being taught by a friend of ours who was classically trained in music.  She has an amazing voice and plays banjo among other instruments.  Growing up, her family played music and sang together, touring and putting out cd’s.  We are very confident in her abilities to open up the world of music to B.  B will be learning to keep a beat, which he can’t do, but needs to be able to do in order to pursue an instrument.  He will also learn how to read and write music as well. While not the most fun class, I believe he will gain a lot from it and I know his teacher is great with kids and can make it fun.  The other subjects he is studying are going along very well.  He really enjoys Latin and is wanting to teach our new neighbors what he is learning.  These lessons will really come in handy when we start studying botany in the second semester.  B is also in youth group on Wed. nights and he even did a lock in back in Aug.  He stayed up all night, but fell fast asleep in the car as N drove him home.  He had a blast and got to know a lot of the older teens.  Back in Aug, B asked us if he could help out in a program our church was starting for the kids on Thurs. nights.  My B is volunteering and giving his time to be with younger kids on Thurs for an hour and fifteen min.  Through this, I am hoping he learns to pour into others and to love and be kind.  He really does well with little kids, and we’ve had lots of parents comment on that.  But it’s so very true.  B is gentle and patient with them.  He willingly teaches and helps them do things.  Of course, we don’t always see this with his brother, but you know how that is.  While you can already see how busy B is, he might be adding two days at the gym to it.  Our gym is doing classes for middle to high school age kids.  It is half an hour every Tues. and Thurs. where they run and do other activities.  We are going to check it out this week to see if it’s something he wants to do.

Gav is Gav, always interesting and entertaining.  He is getting the hang of reading, though he likes to say he doesn’t know how.  But he can read, and quite well for the little we have focused on it.  He started a spelling book and encountered spelling words for the first time last week.  Before it was working on phonics sounds.  His list is only six words, but like his brother, he doesn’t like to write.  The struggle begins again with this one.  Thankfully, he loves math and has really taken off with it.  At this age, it’s not incredibly hard, even for him, but he really enjoys it and finds it fun.  I love when a subject is fun for them.  He is a busy one and we struggle to get through history and science now that they are a little more involved.  But I think he will get used to it, especially when we hit more of the fun stuff.  Gav got baptized a little over a month ago.  It was a big day for him.

I will leave you with the video below.  xoxo


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Strawberry Picking


B showing off two large strawberries he found.

Around here, berry picking is a huge deal and once one berry is ready, they all follow in succession.  We went strawberry picking!  I think the boys had a blast and we are going to go raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry picking as well.  And quite possibly peach picking.  Still thinking about this last one as we have to travel quite a distance (think hours) to do so.  Wondering what we will be doing with all these berries?  Well freezing them for now, but have plans to make jams out of quite a bit of them when the weather cools down.  The rest will get used up in smoothies or frozen yogurt.  These berries will be eaten up by next year for sure!  More berry picking on the way!

It’s been hot here.  Yuck!  We have no a/c, so it hasn’t been super fun.  Thankfully it hasn’t been all summer and it’s just a few days here and there.  The boys and I have been getting out and going to parks.

New news:  N and I will be going on an Alaskan cruise on the 19th.    And the great thing is, everything is paid for.  Nate will be working some of the time, so I will be taking advantage of the onboard gym and sitting on the deck outside enjoying the scenery.  This is going to be a huge blessing for us and we are both looking forward to some much needed quality time.  We will get to see Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan (all three are in Alaska), and Victoria, B.C.  If you look at a map, it’s not that far into AK, and I would really love to see more.  This is just going to give us a taste of AK and I am excited.  The boys will be at home with our neighbor as their caretaker.  They play with the neighbor kids and I have been enjoying their mom’s company.  It works out really well.  This will be our first time away for this length of time.  They are really looking forward to having friends sleepover and playing with them every day.  I will post more when we get back for sure.  I hope all is well with everyone.  Enjoy the pictures.  They aren’t much, but I was enjoying picking with the boys myself.  There was a lot of “Mom, come here” and “Look at this one”.  A little hard to snap pics with all that going on.


Gav filling his own little bucket.


B with our bucket. He’s such a handsome boy.


Gav tasting the goods. He had to be sure those strawberries were tasty!


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Ch Ch Changes….

As the title suggests, a lot of changes are going on.  The first being a new computer!  Now I can get back to blogging, not that I did it all that frequently anyway, but you know, I can post whenever I want:)  While it’s not super important, we got rid of the laptops (except for N’s work one, that one kind of has to stick around) and bought a family computer for all of us to use.  Hmmm, I see typing lessons in someone’s future!  And just another non exciting piece of news, we got a bookshelf!  First I guess I should tell you we have ridiculous amounts of books.  Our boys bookshelves are full, like really full, as in so full B is going to need another and Gav is ready to get a bigger one.  And that’s just our children!  N and I had boxes, and by boxes, I mean 10+ of books in the garage because we ran out of bookshelf space.  We own heavy books, so we can’t just get one of the cheap ones, we have to get real wood bookcases.  And those are much more pricey.  We’ve just kind of put it off, keeping the books in boxes in the garage and hoping we didn’t need one of those.  Now we only have 4 boxes we couldn’t fit.  Big success!  And it only cost us $20 + two dvd stands we traded to get it.  Score.

Ok, now onto more exciting, or at least more relevant news.  B has braces!  What?!  Yes, you read that right.  On the 17th of this month, they were put on.  So the Monday a week before, he had two baby teeth pulled and handled it like a champ.  The following Tuesday a mold was done of his mouth and a few x-rays.  The 17th he had the braces put on.  It won’t start out a full set as he still has more baby teeth to lose on the top.  They will be placed on the permanent teeth he has now, and the others as they come in.  Head gear, to be worn at night, is looking like a possibility.

Back to school we go!  May was a rough month, where B just didn’t want anything to do with schooling.  So N laid down the law, and told B if he wasn’t going to school, he was working.  B was put to work around the house.  After a week, B said he was ready to start school, but we again started with problems, so it was back to work.  Our stubborn son has realized (at least for now) school is so much easier and this week has been a dream comparatively.  He’s had schoolwork done and has been able to play outside.  Sticking to our schedule is helping and definitely making it easier for him and me.  July will begin Latin lessons for B.  We will have finished Reading Comprehension, Spelling (hopefully), and almost done with Writing, though this last one I’m not sure about.  I don’t know if we are going to take a break or not.  We will be finishing Science and History in July/Aug. and then we will pick up cooking and typing.  I’m really going to try to limit school to two hours, and that’s including the school work that needs to be done.

Gav is reading, slowly, and just easy books, but reading.  And writing.  While he’s been able to write his letters, he’s been working on keeping them in between the lines.  He has started his spiderman alphabet book, which was a big goal for him as this is a special book.  It’s a bit more advanced than a reg letter book, so it’s had to be put off till Gav had more practice. Gav is also requesting daily to do school and has really come to enjoy it.  It makes my heart smile.  Gav has finished his cutting skills book and we will be starting his pasting book.  These are Kumon books that we’ve picked up at the store.  Gav really likes them and enjoys doing them.  The great thing is he can cut and soon paste too while we are reading our history and science lessons.  Gav continually surprises us with the things he learns and the way he interprets what is going on around him.

My little guy is growing up.  In the last few weeks, I’ve seen some behavior changes, ones that signal a new maturity has developed.  Those things I have been repeating are finally starting to sink in and we are seeing the fruit of our labor.  He has made some responsible decisions, and though little, show he is really starting to think before acting.  He has eagerly helped do things I know he would rather not do.  The boys helped pick up some weeds and bush clippings, and were rewarded with either $ or ice cream.  Gav picked $, but wanted to buy ice cream with it, and B pick ice cream.  So Gav and I ran to DQ, and he excitedly and joyously paid for his dipped cone.  He received change back, and you should have seen the delight on his face.  He felt like a big boy!  What B wanted took all his $, so he received no change back.  When Gav realized this, he felt really bad for B and gave him a quarter so he would have some $.  This was almost half of what Gav got back.  His kindness and thoughtfulness was beautiful to see.

Things at N’s work are changing.  His boss was let go at the end of May and as always, that comes with some changes.  He was working toward a particular position, which may not happen now.  The company is making some changes for the future, which we will find out tomorrow evening.  Of course, we are anxious to see if we are affected by these.  The position N was working towards would have had him home more and less travel.  He continues to do well with his company and we’ve recently experienced some perks.  We were able to get into a sold out concert by Michael W. Smith and actually had dinner with him, Nate’s boss, Nate, and Pastor Aaron.  Long story on how all that is connected.  It was really just a business dinner before the concert and didn’t really last that long.  I was so proud of the boys for behaving so well the entire time, even though they  were bored.  The link following is of a video that has gone viral, with Pastor Aaron and his little girl.  This song was part of the business talk, seeing if Michael was interested in doing it.  We shall see what becomes of it!  So who is Pastor Aaron?  Well, he is our church’s music pastor and this fall will be B’s youth pastor.

N has been playing on the church softball team this season and we have loved watching him.  Gav is the loudest (big surprise) and loves to cheer loudly for N and the team.  They have done really well this year and half the fun has been getting to know our church family a little better.

I guess that just leaves me.  Not much is changing for me, except my goal to hit the gym a little more each month.  I’ve been going, but my left knee has kept me from doing what I want and being where I wanted to be by now.  I got defeated for a little bit, but I am back in the saddle.  I feel as if I have finally reached that hurdle and my knee doesn’t bother me as easily anymore.  June was a great month and I am continuing that greatness into July.

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We are Adopting….or at the very least beginning the process

Before Nate and I were married, before we had even met, we both had the desire deep in our hearts to adopt.

The first time it came up was almost 8 years ago on March 2, 2006, our first date.  I’m sure it’s not a common first date topic, or at least with any date I had been on, but a giggling baby down the aisle from us only drew our attention that way.  I remember smiling (who can’t!) at how much noise it was making, so joyful was the sound.  While I couldn’t tell you the conversation word for word or even a decent paraphrase, I do know two things came up:  bi-racial babies and adoption.  I recall Nate asking what I thought of bi-racial babies, which struck me as a bit odd.  I can honestly tell you what my response was because it has never changed,  they are beautiful just like any other baby.  And somehow this led to talk about adoption.

And nearly 8 years later we are beginning the process.  This has been something I have dreamed about a million times, and while I can’t speak for Nate, I assume it’s the same.  I have thought about it so many times.  I have wondered about it so often.  Who will it be?  How old will they be?  And lately, how many?  Would it be just one or possibly two?  Am I ready?  Oh I ask this question a million times, wondering can I take on this responsibility for one, perhaps two more children.  Will I succeed or will I fail?  (But as parents, don’t we sometimes wonder this.)  And then I think about the mother who has to give them up for me.  My heart breaks for her in a way I never imagined it could because she is losing something so precious.  I wonder who she is, what is she doing right now, and why is her child coming to us.  I pray for her and this child because they will have a long, hard road ahead of them.  And my heart breaks for her because this will be painful and there will be suffering.  I cannot hold her and tell her I will love her child.  Even if I could, it would not ease her pain.  I am a mother.  I could not imagine letting go of my child.  And in a sense, I am asking that of her.

I guess now would be a good time to explain that Nate and I are adopting an older child (or sibling group) through the foster care system.  We plan on using an adoption agency, even though it’s very possible to just go through the system itself.  After orientation, we are seeing that we will need someone to help us navigate the waters bit.

I’m a little nervous because there is so much unknown, but so excited as well.  I can’t wait to meet them!

We want to invite you to join us on this journey.  It’s going to be an adventure!



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Snow Days

I peeked out the window tonight as I was readying the house for bed.  The snow angels the boys made today have been covered over by fresh snow.  There is little evidence that my two boys spent hours outside building a snow fort, making snow angels, running around, and digging in the still too warm ground.  It’s peaceful and silent out there, the opposite of the noise coming from it earlier.  Their laughter, talking, building, running, fighting, and screams of joy pierced the air in the daylight.  But fresh snow fell covering up little boy adventures.  Tomorrow holds promise for it all to happen again.




This video is  from the second day the boys went outside to play in the snow.  We are currently on our third day, but the boys won’t be heading outside.  They only lasted half an hour yesterday because of the wind and today the wind is whipping around much fiercer than the day before.  We can hear it howling from inside our cozy home.

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Walk By Faith

A walk of faith in Uganda with the White family

Walking In Agape

Walking in agape, having one love, one focus which nothing else compares... The Great I Am, Jesus Christ!

These are the Days...

"But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart." Luke 2:19


Stories of my pups, quiltz, bagz and life

Set Apart for the Gospel of Christ

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..." ~Romans 1:16