It's a Wonderful Life…

with the Mace family.

Mother’s Day gifts

By now most of you have received your Mother’s Day gifts from the boys. But just in case you haven’t, I won’t (completely) spoil the surprise. There is a short story behind what you received. In our study of Botany, we do experiments or projects throughout to help with the learning or just for fun. This was a just for fun project that was planned earlier this year. Thankfully spring came early for us and we were able to pick and press some flowers. The boys also had to think about what two plants they wanted to grow, so we could dry them for this project. Lavender and spearmint were the winners and have been sitting in our window sill growing for quite some time. They boys put everything together into the gift that you received or will. You can use it or keep it for a keepsake/decoration. They hope you like it.

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Been gone awhile……

Without a computer, have been for a bit. Will be posting soon when the new one comes in Friday (?). Just a quick update. B will be having two baby teeth pulled tomorrow morning. And for those who have called or tried, the Mace parents have been visiting and we took a trip to Vancouver, Canada. Phones didn’t work there. Should be posting shortly.

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Just a quick post.

I thought you might enjoy seeing this.  A post coming soon, we are just trying to soak up some family time while N is home.  Love you all.  xoxo

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Day #5

The boys playing at the school.

Gav fighting with daddy.

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Day #4

Oops, I completely forgot yesterday.  It was incredibly busy day filled with rest, cleaning, and talking with friends.  Oh, and a little makeup party thrown in for good measure, only to round that out with a concert at our church.  Lots of fun and we were definitely worn out by night’s end.  I hope you enjoy!

Gav talking about Transformers at Grandma Foor’s in Sept. 2012

B and Gav playing at Grandma Foor’s.

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Day #3

Gavin reading the book The Pokey Little Puppy to me.

Gavin at his gymnastics class this past summer.

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Testing, Testing….

Can you click on this and view?

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Going Dark

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  July was just not our month, with sickness and injury taking it all up.  A post will be coming in a week.  Until then, we are shutting off all electronics for a week.  My phone will work, but it will be used for emergencies only.  We are using this week to reestablish a routine in order to prepare for homeschooling this year, to play lots of games together, and to finish out our summer reading.  Lots of posts will be coming, as I have some drafts I have been working on.  See you in a week!


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Oh How Time Does Fly

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  Let’s see, what is new in our lives….. well we are starting to get into a groove with homeschooling, which is great.  I don’t want to be schooling in summer here.  There is so much that goes on and we keep hearing about more things all the time.  The weather has been terrific, until the end of last week.  It became suddenly cold, so cold that we saw snow on Saturday morning as we got ready to head out.  By the end of the day it had warmed up a little and we saw a rainbow.  In fact, I have seen more rainbows in the short time I have been here than ever before.  Gav has had a stomach bug for the last week, not sure exactly what it was.  He didn’t have a fever, but was throwing up all Mon. night and had diarrhea all last week.  He is doing better now (I don’t think he will be eating bananas for awhile).  He missed the last swim class and instead of doing it again, Gav has decided to try gymnastics.  So as soon as the next session starts, we will be doing that.

Easter was good.  We had a guy from Nate’s work over for lunch/dinner and someone dropped by from church later.  Nate and B went out with some of the guys and played disc golf.  As I have never played, the only way I can describe it to you is that you throw  a Frisbee disc into a metal chain basket.  When I get the chance to play, I will be able to explain it much better.

N is traveling for work again, so things have gotten a bit hectic.  We might be going with him on his next trip, which will definitely be fun to do.  It will only be about 2 hours away from where we live.

Birding…. I think we are going to try on Mon or Tues.  The weather is supposed to be dry and sunny, while being warm too.  I would like to get out and try and birds are out and finding their mates right now.  We’ve been learning so much about birds, you will have to ask B about all he has learned.

So something interesting, B’s name is in a capital one commercial.  I am going to try to link it here ( but if it doesn’t work, go to youtube and search for B’s bed and breakfast.)  It should open in a new window.

We also got a cat two or three weeks ago.  He is about 7 months old and his name is Charlie (after Charlie Chaplin).  He is a black and white cat with what appears to be a mustache.  I will post a pic on the next post, which will not be far behind this one.  I have already started working on a little something.

Well I think that’s all that is new for now, sorry there isn’t much more.  Honestly most of what has been going on is schooling, trying to get a handle on it and get done.  We’ve been buckling down pretty hard.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  xoxox

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We’ve been hit

with a virus.  Our boys have been sick, so we really haven’t done much.  We aren’t sure what it is because the symptoms are only a fever and/or sore throat.  Strep throat has been ruled out as there is no swelling of the throat, glands, or white spots seen on the back of the throat.  Plus it seems to come and go and could be related to the dryness in the air.  Anyway, it’s just recovery from here on out.

B was told he would be able to test for his yellow belt this Friday.  Unfortunately, since he still has a fever this morning, he won’t be testing.  It is a blessing in disguise, as N would not have been able to be there.  We are hopeful that N will be able to make the reschedule.

I hope everyone is having a good week. xoxo


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