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Strawberry Picking


B showing off two large strawberries he found.

Around here, berry picking is a huge deal and once one berry is ready, they all follow in succession.  We went strawberry picking!  I think the boys had a blast and we are going to go raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry picking as well.  And quite possibly peach picking.  Still thinking about this last one as we have to travel quite a distance (think hours) to do so.  Wondering what we will be doing with all these berries?  Well freezing them for now, but have plans to make jams out of quite a bit of them when the weather cools down.  The rest will get used up in smoothies or frozen yogurt.  These berries will be eaten up by next year for sure!  More berry picking on the way!

It’s been hot here.  Yuck!  We have no a/c, so it hasn’t been super fun.  Thankfully it hasn’t been all summer and it’s just a few days here and there.  The boys and I have been getting out and going to parks.

New news:  N and I will be going on an Alaskan cruise on the 19th.    And the great thing is, everything is paid for.  Nate will be working some of the time, so I will be taking advantage of the onboard gym and sitting on the deck outside enjoying the scenery.  This is going to be a huge blessing for us and we are both looking forward to some much needed quality time.  We will get to see Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan (all three are in Alaska), and Victoria, B.C.  If you look at a map, it’s not that far into AK, and I would really love to see more.  This is just going to give us a taste of AK and I am excited.  The boys will be at home with our neighbor as their caretaker.  They play with the neighbor kids and I have been enjoying their mom’s company.  It works out really well.  This will be our first time away for this length of time.  They are really looking forward to having friends sleepover and playing with them every day.  I will post more when we get back for sure.  I hope all is well with everyone.  Enjoy the pictures.  They aren’t much, but I was enjoying picking with the boys myself.  There was a lot of “Mom, come here” and “Look at this one”.  A little hard to snap pics with all that going on.


Gav filling his own little bucket.


B with our bucket. He’s such a handsome boy.


Gav tasting the goods. He had to be sure those strawberries were tasty!


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