It's a Wonderful Life…

with the Mace family.

What happened to July?

Summer continues to be beautiful here, and unseasonably warm.  According to the locals (yep I just said that) it’s not usually this warm.  Thankfully fans have really helped and it cools down at night.  Even better is that the temperature is at least bearable.  We had a few days where it was sweltering.  It was nothing compared to Ohio weather though, which was a blessing.

We visited the farmer’s market here a few weeks ago.  It was the biggest one I have been to yet.  B was able to have a conversation with a local beekeeper and we learned quite a bit about the new ways they are trying to save hives without the use of antibiotics, which kills not only the virus but the beehive as well.  Seems to me that it defeats the purpose to use antibiotics to kill a virus that kills bees, when the antibiotic kills them too.  We also tasted several flavors of honey and really enjoyed that.  And of course, we just had to get the boys a honey stick.  The boys also tried sugar snap peas, snacking on them throughout the day.  These were huge and very sweet.  We ate lots of yummy food and listened to several musicians, even saw a juggling act.  Nate has worked the last few Saturdays, so we’ve yet to go back, but plan to soon.

The 4th of July was a very full day.  We went to see a parade with a group of friends in the morning, which the boys seemed to enjoy for the most part.  After that we came home for an hour to prepare to go to a cookout.  Boy was that fun.  We got to hang out with friends, the kids played outside the whole time, ate great food, and finished the day with smore’s.  We didn’t see any fireworks.  Gav tends to melt down after 9:30, sometimes earlier.  Gav was asleep within minutes of laying down.  Maybe next year.    This was the second time our family got together with the other two, and we have had a great time both times.

B has started a new class at church.  He is now with 5th and 6th graders, which is crazy (there was no 5th/6th grade class prior to this, it was 1st-6th for worship then split into class)  Now 5th/6th graders worship with the adults and then head into their own class.  I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he will be entering 6th grade.  It means he is able to attend the youth group.  I am not ready for this.  It’s too soon, and technically it is.  I should have another year, but I don’t.  Meanwhile he is super excited about this.  For him it means a lot of fun times ahead and great friendships being forged.

Allergies continue to plague us.  We haven’t found anything that brings relief as of yet, but hopefully that will end soon.


UPDATE:  This was as far as I got before allergies took their tolls on us making us feel ill.  Humidifiers were pulled out, first for the boys and then for me.  Nate seemed immune to the allergy problem, which was probably for the best.  I ended up with what I think might have been a sinus infection.  My face hurt for a few day, but with the humidifier and pain pills, that went away.  At the same time I had an ear infection, and that again went away on it’s own once my face didn’t feel congested.  Of course, once I was feeling a smidgen better, I had to rearrange the furniture and hurt myself.  That put me down for a bit.  I couldn’t drive for a week, at least because I couldn’t move my head very much.  I headed to a chiropractor once I realized it wasn’t going to get better on it’s own, and kicked myself for not going sooner.  Though in my defense, I thought I pulled a muscle and it would heal itself.  Needless to say, we had a very uneventful July.  It just wasn’t our month.  Thankfully, things are looking better and we are all doing great!  B is back in TK and as soon as the fall schedule comes out, Gav will be doing swimming again.  Look for more coming soon.  The writing bug has hit!


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