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Gift Ideas

The title says it all.  I felt a little forward even thinking about making a list, but my momma said it would be helpful to know what the boys are into.  This list is meant to be helpful and insightful, not a burden.  I will update this list occasionally as the boys change.  I started this list this summer while walking around a store while Gav was in art class.  I signed both of them up for art classes that they enjoyed.  Anyway, while one was in class, the other would walk around and play with things or show interest in them.  My list actually started as something for N and I when Christmas comes around, but then I thought it would be helpful for grandparents.  As I said before, it is meant to be helpful.

1.  You Choose books (these are books where you choose the endings, B enjoyed reading them)

2. Stethoscope (Gav was interested in this)

3.  4D Vision Great White Shark anatomy model (B, this is really cool)

4.  Art Lab for Kids (the art classes the boys loved came from this book)

5.  Marbles, marble book (both boys)

6.  Microscope for Kids by GeoSafari Jr (this was the one Gav was enthralled with)

7.  Spot It (game, both boys)

8.  Magnetic games (these are great for when we are in the car, both boys love playing them)

9.  Find It Tubes (Gav thought these were great)

10.  Kaleidoscope

11.  Musical Instruments such as a wood block, triangle, rain stick, maracas, egg shakers, etc. (Gav really enjoyed them, B got into them a little too)

12.  Butterfly net (both)

13.  Bug Catcher (We had one once, but it broke.  They would both enjoy this)

14. Crayola Marker Maker (Gav)

15.  Atilla, the switch n go dino (Gav)

16.  Art supplies (B)

Of course, they both love gift cards.  We have amazon prime now, so that or Target are the best. Here is a website that gives non-toy ideas, lots of which would be just as fun for the boys as well.

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