It's a Wonderful Life…

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Gav reading.

Gav and I have been working on his reading.  B picked this up so very easily and with little help, so this is a new adventure for me.  Some days he wants to read a lot, and other days he can’t be bothered.  But I’ve noticed as his confidence grows, so does his interest in read more books and more challenging books.  While I would describe Gav as a pretty confident kid, this is one area I’ve seen his confidence falter and even fail.  Pushing through a book some days has taken every ounce of patience I have and so I’ve had to ask God for more because there is nothing left in me.  While last year was a bit of a battle after he realized how hard it would be to actually learn to read, even his enthusiasm to want to read couldn’t carry him through, this year has been markedly easier.  His love of reading, now that he has some books he can confidently read under his belt, is thriving again and helping in the difficult times.  I’ve noticed that when his confidence lacks, he tends to lower the volume of his voice.  As a mom, this has been really hard to watch and see him struggle.  But I also know, he needs to struggle through this and conquer it.  We all know there are many things in life we have had to face that were difficult, and this is what I am trying to prepare the boys for:  real life.  They need to know that they may struggle with certain things in this life, but they can persevere.  All this to say, enjoy the video of Gav reading a book by one of his favorite authors, Mo Willems.  As you will hear, he doesn’t know he is being filmed, he would not have read as confidently if he knew.  And if it sounds like he knows this book well, it’s because it has been read a lot this week.  This is the fruit of his labor.

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