It's a Wonderful Life…

with the Mace family.

Our journey West pt. 1

The prairie dog colony we sat and watched. This was just a small area of the colony.

O.k. family, we are going to give the blogging world a try.  I am going to see if this is much easier to keep up on than the newsletters I was doing in 2010.  Last year, was…. not so great as far as keeping everyone up to date.  Besides, so much happens that I don’t remember to tell you and I am hoping I remember to post on here.  We’ll see how it goes, and if it’s a total flop, so be it.

Welcome to the blog about our family.  My goal here is to keep this accurate and updated as much as possible.  Now I know we are not all that exciting for me to be blogging daily, but perhaps twice a week or so.  I already have a few things to share, so let’s get started!

Where to start?  How about our trip out here?  This time we took what we have termed the “southern route” of the northern journey, which if you look at a map you can see what I mean.  The “northern” route is I-94 and goes through North Dakota (hence the northern route) and the” southern ” is I-90 and goes through, you guessed it South Dakota.  Now I-94 merges with I-90 in Montana, and from there it’s a straight shot.  We’ve taken the drive through North Dakota and to be honest, I wanted to go through South Dakota, especially when I found we wouldn’t be too far from Mt. Rushmore.  It wasn’t far off the path and I definitely wanted not only to see it, but to have the boys see it as well.  After giving Nate what I would consider a very convincing argument for going through S.D even though it would take us a bit longer, he said we could.  Though he told me afterward, he didn’t really need that much convincing, he just wanted to hear my argument.  He does this a lot, and finds it quite humorous.  Me, not so much.  Anyway, as we traveled through S.D. we saw on the map that we also weren’t going to be far from the Badlands.  Yep, another stop!

The Badlands were something completely unexpected, though I am not sure what exactly we did expect.  You have to drive through, with lookout points along the way for you to stop at and some trails to walk.  We stopped at the second or third lookout and walked out to it.  It was completely silent where we stood.  I mean, really silent like I have never heard before.  And yes, I do get that hearing silence doesn’t quite make sense, but you could hear the deathly silence.  It was the kind of silence that could drive you mad if you were there alone in this place.  Very eerie.  And we could see the cars driving by and see a couple talking 50 feet from us, yet could not hear a thing.  After we made a stop here, we hit the gift shop and then continued our tour.  It took us two hours to go through, and that included several stops, one that included waiting for traffic to clear because of a fire.  Sadly, someone’s VW Bus caught on fire and was charred so bad that there was not much left of it.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  We also watched prairie dogs at play for about 15 minutes.  Here are some photos.  I am going to extend this trip to several posts.

At the Badlands.

The boys and I at the Badlands.

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